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Acheta Domestica species.

Large Live Crickets 2.5cm. Approximately 30 days old.

  • At this age the crickets are fully winged and the males chirp so don't keep them near where you sleep.
  • They are high in protein and easily digestible for your reptiles, amphibians or birds.
  • Fed on high protein meal and fresh produce
  • Guaranteed delivered fresh to you.

Packed in quantities of 400.


Pin, weanie, small and medium


When your crickets arrive place them in a container with ventilation. If you are ordering the classic pack you can simply leave them in the container they arrive in.

Feed them on cos lettuce and carrot. This is their main source of water so its important to keep them fresh. Avoid using an open water dish as they will all jump in and they are NOT good swimmers. The smaller crickets will have trouble eating carrot so just the lettuce for them. Remove and replace the veggies every couple of days. You can also add some high protein pellet food like chick starter.

If you want to give them a water dish make sure there is a sponge in the bowl so they cant drown.

Use the egg carton that comes with the crickets for them to hide out in.

Keep them nice and warm, around 25-26c, but don't let them get too humid. Ventilation is key.


We do our best to keep the crickets warm on their journey to you, however overnight temps in winter in some areas can drop lower then the ideal for crickets. On arrival take a little time to slowly warm them back up to 26c. They may all be lying on their backs with their feet in the air, but, in most cases they will roll over again.


Crickets are a great food for lizards and are a favourite of Bearded Dragons, frogs, turtles and amphibians, spider, scorpions, fish, birds including insectivores, magpies, finches and chooks will love you for them too.


If you want to vary the diet of your beloved critter you might want to try some Black Soldier Fly Larvaemealwormssuperworms or silkworms. A little of this and a little of that keep your pet interested and offer different hunting opportunities to keep them stimulated.


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Absolutely wonderful company to buy from, all live bugs turn up in great packaging! Thanks so much biosupplies for your great service.

400 Large crickets

Very happy with the crickets...very well packed and didn't loose any crickets.

A quality product

This was my first purchase from bio supplies and i was very happy with what I received. I purchased 400 large crickets and a 50g black flie lava at about 6:30 am and it was delivered to my door that afternoon with very healthy crickets and a generous amount. I hope it stays like this

400 large crickets

Well packed. All seem alive, pleasantly surprised.

400 large crickets

Excellent service. Packaging spot on. Crickets arrived alive and happy. Due to excellent packing no one escaped on transfer

Great Product

I've ordered twice now, and have been very happy both times. Crickets arive alive and chirping. I've had no dead ones yet. Packaging is easy to open and makes for easy tranferring to cricket keeper. Will continue to purchase.